About Us

Mindanao Forge Company, Inc. is located in Gingoog City on the island of Mindanao in the Republic of the Philippines. We began manufacturing operations on May 7, 1999. Our Mission statement is that we will manufacture the finest quality horseshoeing tools available anywhere in the world.

Our dedication to this mission statement has been taken to heart by every single one of our employees. we will bear any expense required to produce the best horseshoeing tools in the world all the way from paying the highest wages, of any private company in our geographical area, to buying and even importing raw materials, the quality of which is far above standard for horseshoeing tools manufactured. We further conduct regular seminars where our workers learn the manufacturing techniques required to make the best possible tools.

In late 2014, Mindanao Forge started its eCommerce platform, Mindanao Forge Worldwide, which delivers horseshoeing tools and accessories from our factory to farriers in every corner of the world.

Our warranty is simple; If your tool finally wears out from use then you need to buy a new tool; but until then it is guaranteed.

We are who we are. We do what we do. No manufacturing company anywhere can even begin to compete with us on the basis of quality.